Animated GIF's, Quick-Time, Flash and Director Shockwave, created specifically for on-line delivery

Animated Gif Files Dyna-Lite Gas Pump, 37k
Kalb 3D Revolving Logo, 42K
Rubiglo Face: Line Art to Photo 13K
Russ Berrie Dancing Bear, 56K
Russ Berrie Butterflies 18K
Dyna-Lite Banner, 46K
Dyna-Lite Logo Lightning, 13K
Flash Shockwave Henry Bird, 43K
Skylight Spin-Out, 52K
Dyna-Lite...In the Beginning... 80K
Dyna-Lite Pac-Lite Man, 13K
Director Shockwave Skylight Razor Sharp, 39K
Dyna-Lite Strobe Pop, 163K
H Power Corp. Logo Lick, 21K
Skylight Safe at Sea, 203K
Quick-Time Skylight Razor Sharp, Quick-Time 255K

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